Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gosh darn it! January 29, 2013 *199.0

Grrr....grrr...kick...why? Grrr! It is official damnit. I am having a plateau moment. This very thing, at the exact same weight happened to me last year! Huge difference though. I was totally crazy last year, and the plateau sent me to the outer stratosphere. I was exercising like crazy, and eating hardly nothing. Needless to say I lost maybe 1 lbs in one month, and lost the will to continue.

Flash forward to today. I am pissed/sad/upset/whining/motivated! I am not going to give up. Why would I do that? If this is the only way to move forward and I only lose 1 lbs a month, then that is what it will be. I am sure that wont be the case, but it is something I must prepare for mentally.

I guess now I have to research the crap out of plateau phenomenon.


  1. I learned to look at plateaus like a practice for maintenance. Keep doing what you know you should and the scale will begin to move again!

    1. I have said this more than once...you inspire me. Your comment came at the perfect time! 'Practice for maintenance', is brilliant. I was starting to get down, NOT giving up, but feeling frustrated and depressed that the scale was not moving. Your comment made me look at what I am going through in a totally new way. Thank you very much for all your kind words.


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