Sunday, 6 January 2013

Better today then yesterday January 6, 2013 *204.2

I weighed in at 204.2 lbs today. My weight is coming off slow and steady. I really wish it would come off faster. Fantasy I know, but I still wish it. The other day I saw myself in a mirror window, and I was so disappointed. I imagine myself smaller so much now, that it was sad to see the real me.  I want to wake up and be smaller.

I have found a whole slew of blogs that I subscribed to. Some are inspiring, some are total foodies, some are fitness freaks and some are just fun. I am very happy that I found out about blogging and other blogs. In the end it will be this tool that keeps me on my path. Well other than me, I mean. I write in my blog aka on line diary, everyday. I read other bloggers' blogs, and I stay inspired. I am in the middle of a win win situation.

I was at work the other day, and someone came up beside me and said, "you are losing weight aren't you? Looking good." Very first person to mention anything. I noticed that I am less..puffy. My bra fits better, my clothes, I don't feel like an expanding marshmallow in a too small bag.

I made gluten free air cookies today. Ugh....back to the drawing board on that one. I substituted too many things and they came out gross. All my own fault.

I downloaded the menu planner from  Fit to the Finish menu planning worksheet. Total awesomeness! I love how simple it is. I think I will also try the grocery list one too. I love having all these resources at my fingertips, ones that I didn't even know were out there.

Thank goodness I feel like moving today. I was a total slug yesterday. I don't like when I get like that. I don't want to move, go outside, be seen by anyone. A total blah day.


Chicken Tortilla Soup
I found a recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup  at hungryhealthyhappy this week. I decided to make it today and it was delish!  Really, seriously delish.


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