Monday, 21 January 2013 is cold outside! January 21, 2013 *200.2

It is freeeakin cold outside, going down to minus 30!  I usually go walking every night with Milo, that will not happen tonight! I made up for it by making sure I did alot of the hard jobs at work. I knew I would not go for a walk, so I got my work out at work instead.

Sheeesh, I weighed in at 200.2 lbs today. I had to weigh myself earlier than I usually do. It makes a huge difference too. I have found that the earlier in the morning I weigh myself the less weight I will show lost on the scale. My normal routine is to get up, clean the house a bit, take a shower and weigh myself. Today and any other day that I have to weigh myself earlier than usual (work), I notice no change in the scale or an increase. Good to know.

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