Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cauliflower bread sticks?! January 24, 2013 *199.8

I found a recipe online  from the blog Your lighter side, that made me go huh?! Cauliflower bread sticks! I have been thinking about this recipe for about a week. I am off today so I thought...why not?

My first attempt at Cauliflower Pepperoni Sticks
Here is the recipe if you are interested Cauliflower Pepperoni Bread Sticks. Its a messy undertaking, little bits of cauliflower were everywhere! As I was making it, I was sure it was going to totally suck. Happily I was wrong. It was delish. Nom Nom Nom!

It does not look at all like the picture that came with the recipe, but who cares? I did a calorie count through the recipe builder in My Fitness Pal and each piece comes up with 206 cals. High in fat and sodium. :(  If I want to add this to my menu plan, I will have to find cheese that has a lower fat/salt content and still be a clean option. The other problem is the pepperoni. I found a cleanish version of deli meat, but there is no way around the sodium if I go that route. I am thinking of making my own spicy sausage/meat mixture which would work with this. This would eliminate the sodium problem.

I found other cauliflower recipes that are mind boggling. Lasagna, potato salad (made out of cauliflower), waffles, pizza. I want to try a few of them. So much cheese is a problem. Its a binding agent to make this all stick together. But its getting rid of one problem and giving you another. I think I may up the veggie, decrease the cheese a smidge and see what happens.

I found all those same recipes but with zucchini. Wow. That is great news, because cauliflower is kind of expensive, and I have never had any luck growing them. Now zucchini grows like a weed for  me. It is going to be an interesting summer. 

So far I am going to grow carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and now zucchinis in my garden this year.  Yippee. Thankfully I have a green thumb! I have started the ground work on my new gardening blog...I am so excited for summer.

I have got to go. I am getting my nails done. I am turning out to be such a girl. Who knew?


Ok I am back from my adventures in girly land... and Ta Da! These are this months nails. Not exactly what I wanted, but live and learn.

Oh, and I may never make those freakin Cauliflower Pepperoni bread sticks...they are too good. I have wanted to snack a little too much today!

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