Friday, 11 January 2013

Busy busy busy January 11, 2013 *202.8

I weighed in at 202.8 lbs today. I promised myself I would write in my blog everyday. When I look back on my past diet attempts, I see where I normally fall off the wagon. I find if I stay strict with myself I stick to my diet. If I stop counting calories, more food starts going into my mouth. If I stop thinking about my diet, I stop making good food choices. It almost becomes something like out of sight out of mind.

No No No!
So I weigh myself every day. I write in my blog everyday. Sometimes when the scale is not moving in the right direction, I want to lie and not record the correct weight. Then I want to hit myself! Holy crap if I cant write the truth about my weight who the hell am I hurting? I caught myself doing that a couple of times already. If I fudge even an ounce, I mentally give myself a bitch slap.

Today was a long stressful day at work, with new people and new situations. I have to say...I dont like new people and new situations!

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