Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hungry! January 23, 2013 *199.2

I weighed in ay 199.2 today! I finally changed my tongue piercing. I had bought it over a year ago to be my mini goal reward for getting to 200 lbs.  It hurts! The points on the star scrape the roof of my mouth Ugh! Needless to say,  I took it out. Never fear, I will have a mini goal reward!

I had to go to work early today, and holy shiitake mushrooms I was HUNGRY all day long! I ate my lunch during break, hoping that a bigger meal would help. Nope! I ate everything in my lunch box, even my emergency stash of almonds. I re-counted my cals when I got home and I had 175 for supper. Sheeesh. A serving of Talapia and A LOT of cauliflower...Oh and water of course.

Milo, my 200 lb baby!

I was going to go for a long walk, so I could eat my exercise calories. Then I found out it is - 40 outside. No way am I going for a walk. I could probably dress warm enough, but Milo has outgrown last years winter coat, and I have not been able to find a replacement.  Last years coat was the biggest size available nationwide. I have to go to a baby horse or miniature horse blankets now.

Not kidding!

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