Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sleeeep.... January 2, 2013 *207.0

Eeek! I weighed in at 207.0 lbs this morning. I had shrimp salsa last night, nom nom nom. Unfortunately,  it always screws with my poop cycle. TMI? Never! This morning I had an extra serving of dried plums aka prunes. We will see who laughs last, mwhaaa  mwhaaa. Any hoo, I ate my last boiled egg yesterday, remember too many cals and seriously not good to eat so much fat. I made an omelet with some yummy (glop) egg whites out of a carton. It was actually pretty good.


Going back to sleeeep. I go through weeks sometimes months of insomnia. I am finally coming off one of those binges and wow, am I ever tired. I need to catch up on all my lost sleep. Which is cool, because I looove to sleep.

There is a funny/weird thing I do when I am in a diet. When I start to do it, I know I am going to make it. The sad part of all this, is that I have lost weight so many times that I actually have traditions. Sheeesh. Anyways, here it goes... I day dream before I sleep or anytime I am laying down, about how I will look like after I have lost x amount of weight. I imagine people's reactions to my weight loss, my feelings, my new clothes, my happiness levels, my energy. I imagine myself in my too big clothes, how proud I am of what I have done. I imagine how I move, how much more energy I have, how more outgoing I will be. I imagine I have someone in my life. My favorite one is the one that I hug my son, and he surrounds me, instead of me overwhelming him. Lovely.


Today is going to be crazy at work. I will be doing alot of heavy lifting, moving, carrying and walking. I am tired already.


Well I am as tired as I thought. It was not as hectic as I expected it to be. Still did alot of moving/lifting/bending/walking.


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